North Central College Dance Team

North Central College Dance Team


      We are offering a few pieces of "Florida Friendly" apparel items for you to show your support for your favorite Dance Team. These items are in stock for quick delivery before your trip to FL. These are traditional fitting apparel items. Ladies tops are comparable sizing as to what you would purchase in the ladies department at Macy's. The only item which runs on the small side are the two tank tops. Please refer to the size guides provided on each product.

      Not sure about your size? The size charts provided are spot on. All you have to do is lay your favorite shirt down and measure 1 inch under the arm hole, side to side. Take the measurement and double it and that's what size you need. 

      Last day to order will be Wednesday, March 29th to insure delivery in time for your trip to Nationals. I will give these items to Coach Vicki and she will deliver them to your dancer at the April 3rd practice.

      I will be leaving the NCC Dance Store up on this website. There are some really nice, cute, new items out and I will be adding them over the spring/early summer for those of you who have returning dancers. If you provide your email, you will be notified when new items are added. I promise, you won't get weekly emails "hounding" you to go to my site. 

      If you have any suggestions on new items you might like to see, please email me - Hope you have a safe trip and good luck to all of your dancers at Nationals!